Slow Motion For Me
Apr 19, 2014 by

We’re all about power moves here at DS—you know, those characteristic tricks that add a spark to your routine…that make … Continue reading

A Dance Down Memory Lane
Apr 18, 2014 by

When I was 16, I decided to get pretty specific about my life goals. “I’m going to be the editor … Continue reading

Introducing Dance Spirit‘s May/June Issue!
Apr 17, 2014 by

The day I found out Jeremy Hudson and Mark Kanemura were dating, I sprinted across the office and practically shouted … Continue reading

The Syncopated Ladies Are Flawless
Apr 16, 2014 by

Here at DS, we’re huge fans of Chloé Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies. We’ve been in love with them ever since they … Continue reading

SJP: Radio Host?
Apr 15, 2014 by

You may know Sarah Jessica Parker as Little Orphan Annie, as Carrie Bradshaw, or as executive producer of AOL’s docudrama … Continue reading

The Peck/Stevens Partnership Strikes Again
Apr 14, 2014 by

Big things are happening for New York City Ballet soloist and choreographer Justin Peck. This month, Ballet 422—the documentary following … Continue reading

Dancing through the Silence
Apr 13, 2014 by

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not … Continue reading

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Vertical Smart Slide 1
Who’s Your Broadway …
Posted 5 days ago

1. Your teacher asks you to freestyle at the end of class. What’s your go-to showstopper?
A. A huge shimmy followed by a big body-roll
B. Time steps, pullbacks and wings until…

Who’s Your Broadway Alter Ego?
Dance on Wheels
Posted 5 days ago

Dance was always my thing. I started jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and ballet classes at age 3 at Monterey Stars in Monterey, CA. We did a lot of competitions, and I…

Dance on Wheels
Puppy Love
Posted 5 days ago

Did you know that a lot of your favorite dancers have very special four-legged friends? While you probably won’t see these adorable dogs onstage alongside their dancing moms and dads,…

Puppy Love
“I Have No Idea What…
Posted 5 days ago

Every high school dancer faces life-changing decisions as graduation approaches: Do I want to keep dancing? Should I audition for companies right away, or get a degree in dance, or…

“I Have No Idea What I Want to Do After High …
Crazy in Love
Posted 5 days ago

Mark Kanemura & Jeremy Hudson

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and Mark Kanemura and Jeremy Hudson are holding hands at an L.A. coffee shop. The pair are talking excitedly about…

Crazy in Love