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Natalia Alonso

Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s Natalia Alonso dances with fluidity and strength, but it’s her fiery presence that makes her hypnotizing onstage.More »

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Choreographer’s Collage: Liz Imperio

Liz Imperio’s choreography is electric. True to her Latin dance roots, her work exudes smooth sensuality and rhythmic vitality. TheMore »

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Hydration Help

We all know drinking water is important for dancers, especially when the temperature is sky-high and you’re soaked in sweatMore »

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No More Knee Pain!

You spend your days jumping, leaping, bending, twisting and generally putting a ton of stress on your knees. But beMore »

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5 Reasons Not to Diet Through Your Teen Years

Sarah wanted to be a professional dancer. But when she turned 14, she realized her body was changing—something all teensMore »

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The Motivation Equation

Usually, you can’t wait to get to the dance studio. Classes and rehearsals are the highlight of each week. ButMore »

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