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Dealing with Dance Team Distractions

You’re sitting on the sidelines with your dance squad. The buzzer sounds and suddenly you’re center court striking a poseMore »

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Dance Teams vs. Dance Departments

One sustains the arts while the other supports athletics. One encourages independent expression while the other places the group aboveMore »

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How to Run Rehearsal Without Ruining Friendships

Many dance teams are student-run, and leading your peers can be challenging! How can you strike the perfect balance betweenMore »

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How to Get Gigs as a Guest Artist

Looking for some extra income over the holidays? Consider performing as a guest artist with a studio or regional danceMore »

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Sisters Emily and Elizabeth Dell Capture Dance on Film

When sibling filmmakers Elizabeth and Emily Dell roomed together at UC Berkeley, they were on different paths, majoring in publicMore »

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Inside the Making of Fox TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance”

Chances are, you’ve been watching “So You Think You Can Dance” since its premiere July 20 on Fox, but DSMore »

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