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The Dirt: Navarra Novy-Williams

You always read about those dancers who can do it all—and here’s another one: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Navarra Novy-Williams.More »

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Kate’s Note: A Little Help From My Friends

The movie Black Swan, which got so much attention early this year, depicts the ballet world as a place whereMore »

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Log On!

Elizabeth in Action Go behind the scenes with this month’s cover girl, tapper Elizabeth Burke. Fun with Foam Rollers ThisMore »

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Jenifer Ringer

Onstage, New York City Ballet principal Jenifer Ringer is luscious, powerful and serene. Her calm confidence and inner beauty radiateMore »

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Slip Sliding Away

Imagine a tap dancer who moves as if she’s on slick ice. While one foot does a quick shuffle, theMore »

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Getting the Most Out of Your Studio

By the time Shannon McCarthy, now 17, started her freshman year of high school, she knew what it felt like toMore »

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