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Amy Smith is a freelance writer and dance teacher who received her master's in dance from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Dance Degrees Zero In

With a growing emphasis on specialized training, many colleges are offering concentrated degrees within the overall dance major, focused onMore »

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Help! My Mom’s My Teacher!

Is the person leading technique class also—gulp—your mother? Here’s the good news: Having a parent as a dance teacher comesMore »

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Pom 101

When it comes to dance team, you know you’ve got the “dance” part of the equation down cold. But theMore »

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The Perks of Community College

College dance programs are popular for aspiring performers and choreographers, but the expense and time commitment of a four-year institutionMore »

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Surviving Peer Pressure

“I feel so fat! Let’s go gluten-free for a while.” “Come have a cigarette with us.” Sound familiar? Many dancersMore »

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Doubling Up

Dancers are known for being organized, driven and busy. So it’s no surprise that many who attend college choose toMore »

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