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Audition Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

No matter how experienced you are, auditions are scary. And the pressure to be eye-catching in a room full ofMore »

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From Dancer to Choreographer

Dana Foglia had a stressful first outing as a choreographer. As a longtime commercial dancer, she wasn’t used to beingMore »

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Should You Try Homeschooling?

When dance is your passion, the thought of trading in your regular school day for more hours at the studioMore »

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Choreographing for Two

Sizzling tension, intoxicating romance, heart-wrenching drama: Whether we’re talking about a “So You Think You Can Dance” routine, the BlackMore »

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Get Serious

As the curtain rises on Josie Moseley’s “When I Close My Eyes,” a dancer in black moves with desperation, herMore »

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The In-Betweens

Every dancer dreams about exploding into a huge saut de chat or gliding through a buttery-smooth pirouette. Those big momentsMore »

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