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Gretchen Schmid is a freelance writer and former Dance Spirit intern.

Crazy Moments in Pointe Shoe History

Ah, pointe shoes: We love those beautiful, glamorous torture devices! But pointework didn’t always look or feel the way itMore »

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Hydration Help

We all know drinking water is important for dancers, especially when the temperature is sky-high and you’re soaked in sweatMore »

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Dancing with Diabetes

Olivia Mendez, 15, has a big dream: She wants to become a professional commercial dancer one day. And with herMore »

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Flying High at the Oscars

How would you like to perform acrobatic dance routines in front of Hollywood A-listers while the rest of America watchesMore »

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Back to Boston

I took a bus back to my home state of Massachusetts this weekend to escape from the city for aMore »

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Dancing All Night Long

What do you get when you combine free food, live music, a night of dancing with friends, and a wholeMore »

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