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Julie Diana is a principal dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet. She holds a BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania and writes for various dance publications.

Chaînés for Days

Watching Misa Kuranaga, a principal dancer at Boston Ballet, whip through a diagonal of chaîné turns with unbelievable speed isMore »

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Working One-on-One: What to Expect From Private Lessons

When Pennsylvania Ballet corps member Elizabeth Wallace was in seventh grade, she decided to enroll in private lessons with herMore »

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Dancing Robbins

I’ve just made my entrance in Jerome Robbins’ Afternoon of a Faun, stepping onstage into a set designed to lookMore »

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When I Grow Up: Dance Careers Beyond the Stage

Do you ever wonder about life after dance? Whether you’ve been dancing for two years or two decades, the timeMore »

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Beyond the Spa

When most people think of massage, they imagine a luxurious, white-robed spa experience. But you don’t have to spend bigMore »

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Perfect Piqués

It’s the end of class, and you’re whipping through a diagonal of piqué turns. You spin across the floor asMore »

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