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Julie Diana is a principal dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet. She holds a BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania and writes for various dance publications.

Perfect Piqués

It’s the end of class, and you’re whipping through a diagonal of piqué turns. You spin across the floor asMore »

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Beyond the Spa

When most people think of massage, they imagine a luxurious, white-robed spa experience. But you don’t have to spend bigMore »

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No Left Turn

You’re doing a pirouette exercise in class, whipping out three or four turns to the right side. It feels easyMore »

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Are You Guilty?

Let’s face it: Nobody’s perfect. Most dancers are guilty of some bad health habit, whether it’s late-night snacking or notMore »

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On The Side

You’ve just earned your first professional dance job with a great, albeit small, ballet company. You’re overjoyed—until you realize yourMore »

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Dance Moms We Love

To celebrate Mother’s Day (May 12), we’re highlighting five well-known dancer moms and their dancing children. Their love of theMore »

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