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Catherine Hurlin

Catherine Hurlin has long limbs, sky-high extensions and super-archy feet, complemented by a keen sense of line and port deMore »

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Up Close and Personal: Intimate Choreography

Picture this: Three couples—one heterosexual, one lesbian and one gay—perform a whirlwind of passionate movement, with the dancers embracing, liftingMore »

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Making Contact: Preparing for Intimate Partnering Work

Try these exercises in preparation for intimate partnering work. If you’re feeling nervous about the “touching” part of partnering work,More »

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Meet Clara

You might not guess it if you saw her perform today, but Elizabeth Gaither of The Washington Ballet started herMore »

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Mad About Maud

When you meet Maud Arnold, the first thing you notice is her enormous smile. Then maybe her hair—a mass ofMore »

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The Craft of Tap

Yes, Warren Craft is young (he’s just 16). Yes, he’s classically handsome: a lanky six feet tall, with the eleganceMore »

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