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I Do! Real-Life Dancer Love Stories

You know the story: A beautiful young woman meets a charming young man. They eye each other shyly from across … Continue reading

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Fruitful Failure

When Rylyn Juliano moved to NYC in October 2009, everything was going according to plan. She had graduated early from … Continue reading

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Are the “Health Foods” You Eat Actually Healthy?

As a dancer, you know that eating right gives you the energy you need to get from morning classes to … Continue reading

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Web Bonus: More About “Healthy” Food

In our December 2010 issue, DS points out how certain foods and drinks that are billed as “healthy,” don’t actually provide as … Continue reading

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Ouch! Shin Splints

You’ve just completed petit allégro—and you want to scream. Your shins ache so much that you don’t think you can … Continue reading

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Dylan Tedaldi

“I get really nervous right before I have to perform,” confesses Dylan Tedaldi. If you’re incredulous that this Boston Ballet … Continue reading

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