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The Truth About Turnout

Turnout—a combination of rotational flexibility and the strength to properly hold that rotation—is the foundation of ballet. But it’s alsoMore »

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Inside The Vaganova Academy

The Vaganova Ballet Academy, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, is nearly as old as ballet itself. Through the centuries, czarsMore »

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911: My Best Friend Quit!

When I was 16, my best friend quit dance. She wanted to be a cheerleader and participate in student government—activitiesMore »

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Musicality Matters: How to Become a More Musical Dancer

When Lorena Feijóo took the stage in Jerome Robbins’ In the Night at New York’s City Center last October, itMore »

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Dream Teams

It was 1993, late on a Sunday night in NYC’s East Village, and rhythm-tap icon Max Pollak was hosting aMore »

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Teddy Forance

Teddy Forance moves through space like a martial artist. With super-human agility, he’ll throw himself violently at the floor, onlyMore »

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