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Former ballet dancer Kathleen McGuire is a freelance writer based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pointe Shoe #Hacks

Every ballet dancer has a pointe shoe prep process that’s akin to a sacred ritual. And while some modifications areMore »

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Making Photos Dance

Every NYC Dance Project image feels like a glimpse into something greater: a dance that’s happening behind a curtain, inMore »

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Digging Deep

You already know that taking on a new role requires lots of homework, from perfecting the steps to figuring outMore »

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From Ballerina to Wellness Guru

Dancers need more than balance at the barre to be successful—they need it in life, too. That’s where Jessica Spinner’sMore »

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Conquering Stage Fright

It’s the day of competition. You’ve practiced your solo hundreds of times; you hum the music constantly, and you dreamMore »

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Your First Pointe Shoe Fitting

Your teacher has finally given you the OK to go on pointe! As any experienced ballet dancer will tell you,More »

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