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Lauren Kay is a dancer and freelance writer based in NYC.

Chase Brock

As a young dancer, Chase Brock was caught in a conundrum: He loved the classicism of ballet and trained rigorouslyMore »

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Luigi’s Legacy

From Miami to San Diego, it’s not unusual to walk into a new jazz class and still know the beginningMore »

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The New Nine

This month, Nine, originally on Broadway in 1982 and revived in 2003, slinks into movie theaters. All three versions areMore »

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A Spoonful of Scarlett

Each night on Broadway, Scarlett Strallen bustles into the Banks household as Mary Poppins. With the straightest back on CherryMore »

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Get in the Modern Dance Door

Acrobatic floorwork, video installments, avant-garde costumes: There’s an endless list of ways modern troupes stretch the genre. If you’ve everMore »

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Smooth Moves

As one of the Bad Boys of Dance, Albert Blaise Cattafi serves up an edgy but sleek style with razor-sharpMore »

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