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Margaret Fuhrer is Dance Spirit's associate editor.

Make ‘Em Laugh

Modern dance is notoriously solemn, even grim. The stereotypically intense "modern face" doesn't crack easily into a smile. That's why … Continue reading

When the Audience is Part of the Show

Live dance performance, with all its unpredictability, seems risky enough in itself. When dance artists choose to bring an audience … Continue reading

Darci Kistler to Retire

She’s been with New York City Ballet for nearly 30 years–but it doesn’t seem like long enough! Principal dancer Darci … Continue reading

Little Space, Big Drama

Since I grew up watching dance performances in big proscenium theaters with large auditoriums, I’ve had so much fun discovering … Continue reading

Inside the Circle on MTV

Are you an aspiring b-girl or b-boy? Then be sure to check out the premiere of Inside the Circle on … Continue reading