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Margaret Fuhrer is Dance Spirit's editor in chief.

Let Marquese “Nonstop” Scott Hypnotize You

Animator Marquese “Nonstop” Scott has come up with a brilliant formula for success. Step one: Find a striking and/or picturesqueMore »

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The New Michaela DePrince Movie Is Going To Be Awesome

Many of us first fell in love with Michaela DePrince after seeing her onscreen. The 2011 Youth America Grand PrixMore »

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Mind-Bending Gifs from “ABDC” Season 8

Sure, we could write, yet again, about how insane this season of “America’s Best Dance Crew” is. We could composeMore »

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“Football Player” Joins Dance Team, Amazingness Ensues

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories about football players taking ballet classes to improve their agility. We’ve seen the funny,More »

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Kyle Hanagami’s “YOUTH”

We sent a photographer to document the filming of choreographer Kyle Hanagami‘s latest concept video, “YOUTH.” Check out the gorgeousMore »

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Um, These Harper’s Bazaar Photos of NYCB Dancers Are Spectacular

Look, I know: We have talked and talked and talked (and talked…and talked…and talked) about the ballet–fashion connection. But thatMore »

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