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Megan Kirsch is a Dance Spirit editorial intern.

Six Dance Bag Must-Haves + Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Six Dance Bag Must-Haves Whether you’re spending your summer competing at Nationals, taking classes at your studio or training atMore »

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“Dance Moms: On-Again, Off-Again Abby” Recap

When we left the ALDC last week, the team was celebrating a clean sweep pulled off in Abby’s absence. UncertainMore »

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“Dance Moms: Gone, Abby Gone” Recap

This week, something major was missing at the ALDC—the “AL,” to be exact. Abby Lee’s absence meant no pyramid, noMore »

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“Dance Moms: The Dancing Dead” Recap

After last week’s victory over the Candy Apples, it seems like the Abby Lee Dance Company’s rival team may beMore »

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“Dance Moms: Clash of the Dance Moms” Recap

After a grueling week of Abby Lee Dance Company showcase prep and performances, Abby’s dream team was back and readyMore »

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“Dance Moms: Recital Rebellion” Recap

It’s recital week at the Abby Lee Dance Company! A hectic time for every dancer and dance mom, studio showcasesMore »

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