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Isabella Boylston’s NYC

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Competition Know-How

Music. Costumes. Makeup. These are all essential for competition. Leave home without them and you’ll be left dancing in jeans … Continue reading

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Dancer/Composer Aaron Severini

Aaron Severini claims the beginning of his dance career was one of those “normal, classic stories”: Boy watches sister do … Continue reading

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Photographer Erin Baiano

Erin Baiano stands by a window at a photo shoot, calling out directions in two different languages: a dancer’s and … Continue reading

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Joey Haro

Joey Haro’s never been easy to categorize. His parents are Cuban, but he looks ethnically diverse enough that he was … Continue reading

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ABT Corps Member Matthew Murphy on Dealing with Illness

Last April, I was at the end of a two-month world tour with American Ballet Theatre. I had two weeks … Continue reading

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