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Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone is an assistant editor at Dance Spirit.

Choreographer’s Collage: Michelle Dorrance

Since founding her company, NYC-based Dorrance Dance, in 2011, Michelle Dorrance has won one major award after another, starting withMore »

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The Network

College is all about investing in your education, but it’s also the perfect time to meet a ton of people.More »

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Galen Hooks’ New Concept Video

As a choreographer, how do you turn a complicated concept into a dance? Just ask Galen Hooks, whose latest projectMore »

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You Should Know: Phoenix Lil’Mini

Hip-hop phenomenon Phoenix Lil’Mini is a girl on fire, with ultra-precise animation skills and larger-than-life stage presence. So it’s noMore »

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Five Tips for Your Best Summer Intensive Experience

Summer intensives come with a roller-coaster ride of emotions: Auditioning, getting in, level placement, new challenges, new friends, leaving home…yourMore »

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This Selena Gomez Dancer Has a New YouTube Channel

We featured commercial diva Liana Blackburn in 2015 and she wowed us with her super-healthy, vegetable-centric diet—which she maintained whileMore »

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