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Rachel Zar is Dance Spirit's managing editor.

I Was a Back-Row Dancer

She wasn’t the star of her studio, but that didn’t keep Nicole Carol Schuman from having an amazing professional dance … Continue reading

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The next dance movie that should be made into a Broadway musical is…

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“Dance Moms: Watch Your Back, Mack” Recap

Asia Monet Ray Week has finally arrived! But including 7-year-old Asia in the Abby Lee Dance Company comes with another … Continue reading

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If you could dance in one of these musicals, which would you choose?

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It’s a Good Time To Be a Kid on Broadway

Several of our favorite shows on Broadway right now are super kid-centric. (I’m looking at you, Annie and Matilda.) Besides being … Continue reading

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“Dance Moms: She’s a Maniac” Recap

We’re back to one-hour “Dance Moms” episodes, which means the focus is on the dancing instead of the moms’ drama. … Continue reading

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