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About Sarah Badger

Sarah Badger is a former DS intern. Today, she teaches, performs and writes about dance in upstate New York.

Confidence Check

Confidence plays a major role in how you carry yourself on and off the dance floor. Do you hold yourMore »

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Funky Faces

You may have fierce hip-hop moves—but do you have the face to go with them? When it comes to hipMore »

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Quiz: What Kind of College is Right For You?

Stressed about picking the right college? Even if a great dance program is your top priority, there’s a seemingly never-endingMore »

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Turn It Around

Nothing makes an audience go wild like a fierce pirouette sequence, and great jazz performers can make countless turns lookMore »

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Footloose: Dancing Barefoot

When you’re sporting a pair of jazz shoes or ballet slippers, you can throw off strings of chaînés and multipleMore »

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True Grit

At 21 years old, Evan Ruggiero has the talent, drive and training to make it big on Broadway. The catch?More »

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