You got a lob, and it’s adorable—but it’s probably also un-bun-able. How can you keep it out of your face for class? We asked hair pro Chuck Jensen to create three dance-friendly updos that are perfect for shorter hair. (All photos by Jayme Thorton)

Tucked French Braid

1. Tucked French Braid

•    Create a French braid—crossing the strands over, not under, as you go—

from the top of your head to the nape of your neck.

•    Braid the remaining tail of hair (as best you can) in a standard braid.

•    Tuck the tail under and use hairpins to secure it, creating “X” shapes with the pins for security.

Chuck’s Tip: Have slippery and/or dramatically layered hair? Wet the

ends before beginning the braid, to keep them from sliding or sticking out.

Modified Gibson Tuck

2. Modified Gibson Tuck

•    Create a deep side part.

•    Grab two small pieces from one side of the part and twist them together.

•    Keep picking up new pieces of hair as you twist along the side of your head, pinning at intervals to keep the twist from unraveling.

•    Repeat on the other side.

•    Make a ponytail, incorporating all remaining hair, at the base of your neck.

•    Roll the tail upward and use hairpins to secure it at your nape.

•    Gently pull the ponytail roll and the side twists together, so they look like one seamless twist.

Chuck’s Tip: Hide any leftover ends by tucking them into the side twists.

French Twist with a Twist

3. French Twist with a Twist

•    Create a part along the top of your head from ear to ear, dividing your hair into two sections.

•    Pin the front section out of the way.

•    Create a small French twist with the back section by making a low ponytail and then pulling the hair upward as you twist it. Tuck the ends into the top of the twist.

•    Unpin the front section of hair and create a deep side part in it.

•    Twist the hair on one side of the part into a rope.

•    Tuck the end of the rope under itself and pin it to the top of the French twist.

•    Repeat the previous two steps with the hair on the other side of the part.


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