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Eat Your Way to the Most Beautiful You

Feel like you could use a makeover? Don’t spend all your hard-earned cash on beauty products—just look to your diet. By avoiding processed foods and giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, you can uncover your natural beauty sans quick fixes and creams. It’s true: You are what you eat!

Healthier Hair

Eat these:

egg whites

cottage cheese

brown rice

Your hair is made up of protein, so it’s important to get at least 2–3 servings of protein-rich food each day to keep your hair strong. For super-shiny, split-end–free locks, look to complex carbohydrates with B vitamins, like brown rice

Stronger Nails

Eat these:


pumpkin seeds


If your nails are brittle and constantly chipping, you might need more iron. Pair iron-packed foods with fruits and veggies containing vitamin C for increased iron absorption.

Smoother Skin

Eat these:




Vitamin A and other antioxidants, like those found in blueberries and yogurt, help smooth skin and prevent damage from free radicals, while omega-3s, which you get in walnuts, can ward off sun damage and wrinkles.

Whiter Teeth

Eat these:




Cheese neutralizes the enamel-discoloring acid in your mouth, while crunchy, raw veggies clean your teeth naturally.

Hug Therapy

Here’s a reason to give a few more hugs: According to a study at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, women who hug more have higher levels of oxytocin, a hormone that helps us bond and feel secure with others. Plus, oxytocin has been shown to reduce cortisol and stress levels. 

Your Aches and Pains Addressed: Charley Horses

You feel: Sudden, sharp cramping, usually in your hamstrings, calves or arches of your feet.

Try This: 

• Gently massage and stretch the cramping muscle at the onset of pain as much as possible.

• Place a cold compress on the muscle to help release the tension, and then take a hot bath to ease the pain.

• Increase your potassium intake. Orange juice and bananas are packed with it.

Drink More Water! One of the most common causes of muscle cramping is dehydration.

Did You Know?

Garlic can be helpful in treating athlete’s foot. Simply mince a few cloves, combine them with olive oil and apply the mixture to your feet twice a day. In a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, researchers found that those who did this for one week successfully fought off this pesky ailment. It’s worth it -- even if you have stinky feet for a week!


Experiencing an afternoon slump? Stand up straight. You’ll instantly feel more awake and confident!

Dancer to Dancer

Much of Janelle Ginestra's career has been about helping others shine. She's dedicated herself to supporting and cheerleading her partner, WilldaBeast Adams; the emerging talents in their dance company, ImmaBEAST; and the countless dancers she inspires at master classes and conventions. Her YouTube channel has become a launching pad for young talents like "Fraternal Twins" Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala, thanks to viral videos featuring Ginestra's creative vision.

But Ginestra's a skyrocketing success in her own right—an in-demand choreographer, a social media influencer, and a dance entrepreneur, building a legacy one eight-count at a time. It's time for her turn in the spotlight. And she's more than ready. "I want to be a legend in whatever I do," she says. We'd argue that she already is.

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I started dance classes at a young age. By the time I was 3, I was training at The Dance Club, and I grew up there. I started with the basics—ballet and jazz—and eventually added tap, tumbling, contemporary, and hip hop.

Early on, I did compete. I remember my first time: I did a trio at a small local competition, and it got first place. The trophy was as tall as I was, and I loved it. I attended conventions as a mini, and had the opportunity to take classes from Travis Wall, Sonya Tayeh, Andy Pellick, and Joey Dowling-Fakhrieh. There was so much variety—I was in awe.

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For more on choosing whether to compete or not, click here.

My mom was a dancer growing up, and she went on to become a dance teacher, so I've really grown up in the studio. I started classes when I was 2, and by the time I was 9, I was training at The Dance Club and knew I wanted to dedicate all my time to dance.

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Courtesy CAA

You read that right, people—Dance Spirit's giving away two tickets to the "SYTYCD" tour in the city of your choice, complete with an exclusive meet & greet with select cast members! Read on for the complete prize listing and official rules.

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Daphne Lee is a queen, and not just in the "OMG Girl Boss Alert" sense of the word. She's an actual queen—a beauty queen. Crowned Miss Black USA in August, she's been doing double duty as she continues to dance with the Memphis based dance company, Collage Dance Collective. Lee's new title has given her the means to encourage other black girls and boys to pursue their dreams, while also pursuing dreams of her own. The scholarship money awarded with the pageant title will assist her as she earns a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Hollins University.

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Dancer to Dancer

When a choreographer finds a composer whose music truly inspires her, it can feel like a match made in dance heaven. Some choreographers work with the same composers so frequently that they become known for their partnerships. New York City Ballet soloist and resident choreographer Justin Peck, for example, has tapped composer Sufjan Stevens numerous times (last spring, the two premiered The Decalogue at NYCB, to rave reviews); L.A. Dance Project's Benjamin Millepied's working relationship with composer Nico Muhly has spanned a decade and two continents; and when tap dancer Michelle Dorrance premiered the first-ever Works & Process Rotunda Project, a site-specific work for New York City's Guggenheim Museum, last year, percussionist Nicholas Van Young was by her side as an equal partner. Successful collaborations require compatibility between artists, direct and honest communication, and flexible, open minds. But when the stars align, working with a composer can be extremely rewarding.

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Dancer to Dancer
Tiler Peck and Chase Finlay in Swan Lake (photo by Paul Kolnik)

For ballerinas, it's the dream role to end all dream roles: Odette/Odile in Swan Lake, the type of part dancers spend years preparing for and whole careers perfecting. And it's a role that New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck never thought she'd dance. Though Peck is one of the world's preeminent ballerinas, her short stature made Odette/Odile, typically performed by longer, leggier dancers, seem (almost literally) out of reach.

Then—surprise!—her name popped up on the cast list for NYCB's fall season run of Swan Lake.

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