How To

Get Your Head In the Game

Headspins are one of the ultimate b-boy and b-girl tricks, and seem to defy the laws of physics. But sinceMore »

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Beat Burnout

It’s finally fall, which means competition season is about to launch into full swing. After spending the summer learning newMore »

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Getting a Hold On Graham Hands

The signature cupped hands of the celebrants in Primitive Mysteries; the clawed hands of Medea in Cave of the Heart—“GrahamMore »

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Assistant Aspirations

From the excitement of travel to rubbing shoulders with your dance idols, the life of a convention assistant is aMore »

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Perfect Your Floorcraft

Floorcraft: It sounds like some kind of dancer magic, but it’s actually a technical term describing the essential ability toMore »

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The Heel Deal

From Chicago to Kinky Boots, heels are a necessity for musical theater dancers. But lots of factors go into choosingMore »

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