Dance Team

No Coach? No Problem!

Being on a college dance team is both fun and rewarding. You get to perform in front of thousands ofMore »

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Dealing with Dance Team Distractions

You’re sitting on the sidelines with your dance squad. The buzzer sounds and suddenly you’re center court striking a poseMore »

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Dance Teams vs. Dance Departments

One sustains the arts while the other supports athletics. One encourages independent expression while the other places the group aboveMore »

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How to Run Rehearsal Without Ruining Friendships

Many dance teams are student-run, and leading your peers can be challenging! How can you strike the perfect balance betweenMore »

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Life with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

When Brooke Sorenson was a young girl dancing in Sunrise, FL, she got the opportunity to attend a Tremaine DanceMore »

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The Rules of Going Pro

It’s 5:40 p.m. on a Tuesday and I find myself weaving in and out of traffic along Route 271, headingMore »

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