Modern Masters

Today the contemporary dance family tree has all kinds of offshoots, but its base includes four modern dance branches: theMore »

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Much Ado About Music

Modern dance master Mark Morris has said of his choreography, “Every dance ever is because of the music.” Indeed, whoMore »

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How To Hinge

Photos by Erin Baiano. You see it everywhere in contemporary and modern choreography. It’s the “wow” step that takes youMore »

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Soothing Simonson Technique

Bodies swooping into arcing releases, arms swinging effortlessly, a flow of windy S-shapes mixed with angular, percussive pauses. This styleMore »

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Choreographing Success

Contemporary choreographer Jessica Lang has a flair for the dramatic. Whether she surrounds her dancers with large, realistic set piecesMore »

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All About Swift Flow

Modern dancer and choreographer Arthur Aviles recently gave DS a sneak peek at swift flow, a modern dance technique heMore »

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