Perform Shoulder Stands With Ease

An inverted balance that’s at once powerful and graceful, the shoulder stand requires a unique combination of strength and control.More »

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Improve Your Improv

Improvisation—generating spontaneous movement in the moment—can be a daunting and agonizing prospect for dancers who are used to being toldMore »

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Cunningham Technique

For more than 50 years, Merce Cunningham has been a driving force in modern dance. Working with the idea thatMore »

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Graham Technique

As a dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham broke the rules. She created a dance technique that, along with her groundbreakingMore »

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Limón Technique

Mexican-born José Limón moved to NYC in 1928. There, he saw his first dance performance and, soon after, began studyingMore »

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Master Inversions With These Simple Strategies

An inversion, a moment of suspension during which your base of support is not your feet, can be an uncomfortableMore »

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