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Background Ballerinas

You’ve finally been cast in Coppélia, and you’re thrilled! Before the show, you spend extra time on your hair and … Continue reading

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Mastering the Vaganova technique

Precision. Quiet power. Controlled strength. Regal carriage. Vaganova-trained dancers are easy to spot: Their technique is deeply internalized and their … Continue reading

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The Truth About Turnout

Turnout—a combination of rotational flexibility and the strength to properly hold that rotation—is the foundation of ballet. But it’s also … Continue reading

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Heels vs. Flats

Picture a female tap dancer in heels. What do you see? A musical theater pro wearing a vintage 1920s-style dress … Continue reading

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Attitude Adjustments

Whether it’s a convention class with your idol or the hundredth rehearsal for your competition routine, you want to impress … Continue reading

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On-Point Pirouettes

Whenever I watch a ballet, I’m mesmerized when a dancer whips out perfect pirouettes. The magic of successful turns mystifies … Continue reading

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