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The Royal Ballet School

It’s Monday morning at London’s Royal Ballet School, where nearly life-size photographs of legendary ballerina Margot Fonteyn guard the foyer. … Continue reading

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Going It Alone: Competing Without Your Studio

You and 20 teammates have just hit the final pose of your production number. The audience—full of your studio’s supporters—is … Continue reading

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The Paris Opéra Ballet School

“Don’t stiffen up, Victoire! Bend your legs. Allez! You have to stretch and bend. You are tense. Breathe, smile, concentrate! … Continue reading

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Banish Bad Barre Behavior

Have you ever done a gorgeous développé at the barre while holding on so hard your knuckles turned white—then become … Continue reading

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Breeze Through Your Brise!

The Bluebird variation in Sleeping Beauty is always a crowd pleaser. After a pas de deux with Princess Florine, the … Continue reading

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Disco Is Stayin’ Alive!

The 1970s disco craze happened at a time when men donned heeled shoes and printed polyester shirts with oversized collars, … Continue reading

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