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Luigi’s Legacy

From Miami to San Diego, it’s not unusual to walk into a new jazz class and still know the beginning … Continue reading

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The New Nine

This month, Nine, originally on Broadway in 1982 and revived in 2003, slinks into movie theaters. All three versions are … Continue reading

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Soothing Simonson Technique

Bodies swooping into arcing releases, arms swinging effortlessly, a flow of windy S-shapes mixed with angular, percussive pauses. This style … Continue reading

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Improving Your Improv

          In your favorite weekly hoofing class, your taps have been spot on and your sounds … Continue reading

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Choreographing Success

Contemporary choreographer Jessica Lang has a flair for the dramatic. Whether she surrounds her dancers with large, realistic set pieces … Continue reading

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Pointe Shoes 101

I slept in my first pair of pointe shoes. At least, I tried to sleep in them. I actually woke … Continue reading

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