How To

Changing it Up

Every tapper has go-to improv moves, but the key to staying fresh is switching up the steps you lean onMore »

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Help! I Hate My Comp Routine!

There are myriad reasons you might dislike one of your group dances for competition. Every dancer prefers a routine thatMore »

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Dwight Rhoden

Although choreographer Dwight Rhoden is best known as a founding artistic director (along with Desmond Richardson) of Complexions Contemporary Ballet,More »

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The Layout

JAKOB SAYS: “The key to the perfect layout is timing. Your head and leg need to hit the final positionMore »

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Modern Essentials

Want to land a spot with Gallim Dance or Alonzo King LINES Ballet? You’d better head to modern class. ButMore »

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In the Circle

From under-the-radar local gatherings to high-profile competitions like the Red Bull BC One and France’s Juste Debout, dancers all overMore »

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