Slip Sliding Away

Imagine a tap dancer who moves as if she’s on slick ice. While one foot does a quick shuffle, theMore »

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It’s About Time: Mastering The Time Step

You and hundreds of other dancers are waiting to be seen at an open call for a tour of AMore »

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Improving Your Improv

          In your favorite weekly hoofing class, your taps have been spot on and your soundsMore »

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Preventing Common Tap Injuries

Mark Yonally, artistic director of Chicago Tap Theatre, was performing with his company in France last summer when his worstMore »

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Clogging: How it’s different from tap

When you think of clogging, do you envision swirly skirts, petticoats and shiny white shoes? And do you hear fiddles,More »

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The Basic Pullback (May/Jun 2009)

It’s your favorite tap class: The warm-up is over and it’s time to flap-ball-change across the floor. You’ve finally gottenMore »

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