The Basic Pullback (May/Jun 2009)

It’s your favorite tap class: The warm-up is over and it’s time to flap-ball-change across the floor. You’ve finally gottenMore »

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The Physics of Footwork

What is Loose-Ankle Tap? Loose-ankle tap is perhaps one of the profession’s best-kept secrets. Mark Yonally, artistic director of ChicagoMore »

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Tune Up Your Tone

Since tappers are simultaneously musicians and dancers, they must pay attention not only to movement, rhythm and dynamics, but alsoMore »

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Tap’s Renaissance

During the 1980s, my tap education amounted to endless flaps and paradiddles, working with ballet-based arms and jazz hands. AlthoughMore »

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History, Herstory, Our Story

Jason Samuels Smith—the first tapper to win an Emmy award for choreography since Hermes Pan in 1958—performs at the cuttingMore »

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Three tap superstars take on Charlie’s Angels

What happens when you combine the music of Charlie Parker, one of the most influential musicians in jazz history, with Posted in Tap | Leave a comment