What Does It Take to Choreograph the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony? (Spoiler: A LOT.)

As of today, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, are well underway (helloooo, endless hours of gymnastics-watching). And althoughMore »

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Get Lost In This Dreamy New York City Ballet Video

You know it’s a good day when yet another stunning dance video hits the Internet. It’s a great day, however, whenMore »

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Misty Copeland Got Married!

So. This we know: Misty Copeland married her long-time partner Olu Evans in a private ceremony in Laguna Beach, CA.More »

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Dance Back to School with Macy’s, Chloé Arnold and a Serious Hip-Hop Party

Remember just a few days ago when we reminisced about all our favorite dance-based commercials, and got hyped about theMore »

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Kamille Upshaw’s Q&A is the Best Thing on Twitter

When we logged on to Twitter this morning and saw that Kamille Upshaw was doing an impromptu Q&A sesh, weMore »

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Little Miss Do-It-All: Maddie Ziegler Is Writing a Book!

Dancer, actress, reality TV star and author…? Maddie Ziegler’s latest project proves she can literally do it all. People magazineMore »

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