We Are LIVING for Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” Video

Put Bruno Mars in front of a camera. Turn on “That’s What I Like.” Let him dance his talented littleMore »

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The New “DWTS” Cast Brings Up A Lot of Feelings

Earlier today, “Good Morning America” officially revealed the Season 24 cast of “Dancing With The Stars.” For the most part, theMore »

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YOU GUYS: Apparently Heather Morris Is Going to Be on “DWTS”?!

Welp, it’s over. We’re calling it now, three weeks before the premiere date: Heather Morris has won “Dancing with theMore »

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ICYMI: Your Fave Dancers Performed La La Land Choreo On “Good Morning America” Today

As if last night’s Oscars didn’t feature enough dance goodness (still obsessed with that swoon-worthy Justin Timberlake opener), “Good MorningMore »

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Somebody Give Justin Timberlake an Emmy for His Oscars Performance

We’re going to take a minute off from obsessing over WHAT THE HECK WENT DOWN during the Best Picture awardMore »

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Lil Buck Is Captivating in This New Music Video

If there’s one thing that never gets old, it’s watching Lil Buck effortlessly glide around as he shows off his top-notch jookin’More »

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