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Small Town, Big Dreams

You know the story: a performer from Nowhere, USA, works hard her whole life and becomes a talented unknown. SheMore »

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7 Tips to Help You Stay in Peak Performance Shape While Touring

Many dancers dream of going on tour and performing for packed houses in glamorous cities around the world, but touringMore »

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Dancing on a Cruise Ship

I grew up dancing, and after graduating from college, I hoped to perform professionally in NYC, Las Vegas or L.A.More »

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Inside Industrials

I recently went to a party for the clothing line Juicy Couture. Only I wasn’t a guest; I was workingMore »

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Get in the Modern Dance Door

Acrobatic floorwork, video installments, avant-garde costumes: There’s an endless list of ways modern troupes stretch the genre. If you’ve everMore »

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The Formula for a Successful Relationship with Your Agent

For a dance career to take off in Los Angeles, it’s crucial for dancers to understand the expectations and responsibilitiesMore »

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