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Going Pro: Backup Dancer

L.A. is the place to be if your professional goal is to dance onstage behind your favorite pop star, orMore »

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How to Get Gigs as a Guest Artist

Looking for some extra income over the holidays? Consider performing as a guest artist with a studio or regional danceMore »

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Choreographer Jeri Slaughter on Hitting it Big

Starting Out First Gig: At 12 years old, Slaughter stopped playing sports so he could join Kid’s Jam, a youthMore »

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Creative Jobs to Supplement Your Dance Income

From handing out flyers to modeling for National Geographic illustrators, the pros get creative when it comes to finding jobsMore »

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Become a Competition Judge

If you’ve ever attended a dance competition, or even watched one on TV, you’re familiar with the ever-present panel ofMore »

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Nab an Assistant Teacher Gig

Have you ever wondered who those extra dancers are in the front of your class? They’re probably the teacher’s assistants.More »

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