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You Should Know: Jaycee Wilkins

Twelve-year-old Jaycee Wilkins has a spunky, acrobatic side, a persona that’s served her well on screen. In 2012, she andMore »

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Mia Michaels in Neverland

There’s nothing Mia Michaels can’t conquer. With work for her own dance company (Mia Michaels’ RAW), concert productions (for bothMore »

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The Dirt: Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown

If you’ve seen ABC’s “black-ish,” you’ll recognize Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, one of the sitcom’s youngest stars. But thoughMore »

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Letter to My Teenage Self: Tony Testa

A former comp kid who grew up in Fort Collins, CO, Tony Testa has had what many would call aMore »

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Dear Katie

Dear Katie, My hamstrings are so tight! They’re limiting my extension. Do you know of any good stretches to loosenMore »

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“I Am the Bald Ballerina”

At the beginning of 2014, Maggie Kudirka was living her dream. The lifelong dancer had just made it into NYC’sMore »

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