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Feet First

With winter in full swing, you need to give your body extra care—especially your dry, aching feet. After a long … Continue reading

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Butter Me Up

A few years ago, making a PB&J sandwich was simple. You’d go to the store for nut butter and find … Continue reading

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Healthy Holiday Drinks

Waltz your way around the kitchen while making these yummy drinks. Cranberry Apple Cider Ingredients: 64- ounce bottle 100 percent … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby

Feeling flushed after class? Place an ice cube on your tongue and press it to the roof of your mouth … Continue reading

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Smart Snoozing

School, dance classes, rehearsals, homework, family activities—a million things can push your daily wake-up time earlier and your bedtime later. … Continue reading

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Warming Up

When it comes time to perform, you can’t wait to be onstage. But preparing for a show takes more than … Continue reading

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