2015 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search Finalists

Congratulations to Dance Spirit‘s 2015 Cover Model Search finalists: Michelle May, Jordan Pelliteri and Gabriella Stilo! One of them will win a spot on Dance Spirit’s October 2015 cover. Check out each girl’s bio and photos below, and watch their solo videos. Then, go behind the scenes to see the finalists in action at Broadway Dance Center and on set with photographer Erin Baiano. To read more about each finalist, get your hands on a copy of the July/August issue. You only get one chance to vote for your favorite—make it count!

Michelle May video | bio

Jordan Pelliteri video | bio

Gabriella Stilo video | bio

Behind the Scenes with the Finalists
Michelle, Jordan and Gabriella spent three days in NYC with the Dance Spirit editors. They took classes at Broadway Dance Center, saw Aladdin on Broadway and had a photo shoot with dance photographer Erin Baiano.

47 Responses to 2015 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search Finalists

  1. Elise says:

    watched all videos and all were great

  2. Rebecca says:


  3. Rebecca says:

    These dancers are beautiful!

  4. Cathy says:

    I think Jordan has it all. Her performances are breath taking!

  5. Bea Osborne says:


  6. Deb says:

    Go Tap!

  7. beverly Ross says:

    They are all very good!

  8. Mary Noyd says:

    Go Jordan! ?

  9. Dancercupcake says:


  10. Sav says:

    Jordan is a true spirited dancer. She speaks all the languages of love, hope and happiness. She is an inspiration to many girls around the world! Go Jordan

  11. Ann says:

    Gabriella’s poses seem the most challenging, and yet she is the still the most elegant of the three, though they all are beautiful dancers.

  12. kay Oda says:

    Michelle is an phenomenal tapper! True inspiration:)

  13. Julia drobick says:


  14. Hannah says:

    All are so talented; is it possible to have all three? All so unique you can’t only love one!

  15. Hope that Gabriella wins! She is such a gorgeous dancer and these shots of her are incredibly inspiring and beautiful!!

  16. Anna says:

    Gabriella is amazing and inspiring!!!

  17. Dancergirl101 says:

    Gabriella is so elegant, beautiful and graceful. All

    seem like beautiful dancers but my vote is defiantly for Gabriella! Go Gabriella!!

  18. kaybear says:

    all three are beautiful dancers as shown in the short video. I’m voting for the tap dancer because I think they deserve to be recognized more.

  19. These

    finalists represent each dance category beautifully. They all deserve to be on the cover!!!!

  20. lesa says:

    Its time to tap

  21. Grace says:

    Jordan is absolutely breathtaking!!! She continues to amaze me every day. She deserves to win this!

  22. Kailey says:

    Go Gabriella! She is elegant and very beautiful inside and out!

  23. Stella says:

    All of the dancers are amazing but Gabriella has the potential to become a professional dancer. Her dancing is inspiring to watch. You go girl!

  24. Caitlin says:

    Michelle is such a dedicated and inspirational dancer!! I dance ALOT and I love her combination of tap and hip hop!! Way to go and good luck to the other girls!!

  25. Dakota says:

    Michelle May is a beautiful dancer, you rock! I dance at PSPA too! You rock Michelle,come on!!!

  26. Reddy Freddy says:


  27. Ashley says:


  28. Jenny says:

    I want to see something I’ve never seen before – PUT A TAP DANCER ON THE COVER!! GO MICHELLE!!!

  29. Tap on the cover!!

  30. DAKOTA says:


  31. Sarah says:

    They’re all amazing and talented dancers

  32. Tammy says:

    Gabriella has very clean lines and her poses seem the most difficult.

  33. Ava says:

    Jordan is magical and wonderful to watch. I personally think she should be on the cover because she was the only one who made her performance amazing to watch with all the tricks she did.

  34. Jane says:

    Gabriella is so deserving!! What a BEAUTIFUL young lady!

  35. Yorgelys Flores says:

    Michelle is an incredibly talented dancer. Not only that, but she is inspirational and humble! Her dance is amazing and timing is impeccable! <3
    WE NEED TO SEE MORE TAP! She keeps it alive!
    Much love! xo

  36. Rachel Kay says:

    Michelle is seriously one of the most dedicated dancers I have ever had the pleasure of dancing with. She is so talented yet humble. I hope she gets the opportunity to represent the tap community.

  37. Heather Montez says:

    I vote for Gabriella! Amazing dancer beautiful on the inside and out! 🙂

  38. Ernesto says:

    Michelle is an amazing, talented, and beautiful young lady that should have the opportunity to represent the Tap community and share her passion and love for TAP with the world!!! Vote for Michelle!!

  39. Vivian? says:

    Gabriella has beautiful lines and a great arch. She also has the most difficult poses and deserves to win!! 🙂

  40. dani says:

    michelle is an amazing dancer all around and an even more amazing person, she deserves to be on the cover! this is such good representation for the tap community as well since it’s often overlooked.

  41. Rachael says:

    I think it should be down to Jordan and Michelle. Jordan has amazing lines and is beautiful. Michelle is an amazing tapper and is also beautiful.

  42. Lindsay says:

    Dancing at the same studio as Gabriella is so inspiring! I love to watch her dance!! Go Gaby!!

  43. Robyn says:

    Beauty and Graceful movements…I can’t believe she’s only 15…what a great future she has. I hope she wins.

  44. Mikky says:

    go michelle

  45. olivia says:

    They are all beautiful dancers. I’m a dancer myself and they are killer..?❤

  46. Jay says:

    I hardly ever see tap dancers on a cover of a magazine. I know Michelle will get very far. From the videos she seems like a nice inspiring person. She also does not seem greedy like other dancers. If she does not make the cover she will not feel down she will get back. GO TAP DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Seina says:


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