2002 Issues


The Gift of Dance
The power of movement runs deeper than you may think.

Movin' In: Movin' Out
Twyla Tharp and Billy Joel rock Broadway with a new kind of musical.

Eat Meat?
Nutritional information that will help you weigh your decision.

Don't Lei Around, Hula!
Before there was written language in Hawaii, Hula was the main form of expression on the islands.

If high kicks are one of the high points in your routine, here are eight ways to improve yours.


Nine Lives
Nine L.A.-based choreographers who are about to make it big.

Specialty Dance
Stage fight dos and dont's for dancers.

Lost in L.A.?
Even though you don't see a lot of jazz in L.A., the soulful style is still a part of the scene.

Experimental Opportunities
Breaking past some of ballet's boundaries, a west coast retreat challenges choreographers to push further.

Tinseltown's Tap Timeline
See how and when seven stars tap danced their way into the cinemas during the twentieth century.


Facing the Music
Your expressions go a long way toward reaching audiences when dancing lyrical.

Be Our Guest
Nervous about taking class from guest teachers? here's how to master the experience.

Esprit de Corps
A golden opportunity awaits you at comps and conventions.

Soy Delicious
Introduce your taste buds to soy for a versatile alternative to dairy.

Pom Perfect
Get pointers from the lessons learned by one team on its rise to title-holding status.


5th Year Anniversary Year
A look back on Dance Spirit's first five years.

Paying Respect
Professional Companies' September 11 Tributes.

Back to Class
From starting late to Majoring in Dance.

The Higher-Ed Guide
Over 330 higher-ed options.

Pioneer Degrees
Dishing with the first grads of the Ailey/Fordham BFA program.

July / August

Destination: Broadway
Eight Broadway dynamos dish on the real deal.

New Kids on the Scene: NYC
Are you itchin' to get to the big city and live your dancing dream? Find out how others did it.

Nutrition 101
Broadway's Eponine is keen on smoothies.

Dancer's Body
Get in the know: There's more to your hip that just a ball and socket.

Don't sit around waiting for the call—entrepreneurial dancers take it to the streets.

May / June

Shanghai Star
Dou Dou Huang soars to the top.

Remote Possibilities
If your studio takes a break, turn your living room into a classroom.

Star Turns
Sarah Hughes is comfortable in ballet slippers, too.

All That Jazz
Putting moves to the music—check out how they counted it out in days gone by.

World Stage
Sowing seeds of tradition: Native American grass dance.


Double Take
Two dance doubles describe the ins and outs of shadowing film stars.

On Choreography
Partnering a prop can be problematic, but preparation and practice will put you on top.

Dancer's Body
Wake up to the facts about sleep and become a better snoozer.

On the World Stage
Cambodian dance defies the destruction of recent history.

Modern Art
A NYC choreography series gives modern dancemakers a place to start.


Backin' Up Britney
Charissa Seaman on what it's like dancing with Britney.

Dance Arts
Don't throw that program away! Memorabilia helps to preserve dance.

Bed, Board & Ballet
When your passion for dance lands you in a conservatory.

Career Guide 2002
Thirty-nine professionals share the ups and downs of their dance-related careers.

Nutrition 101
Pump up your knowledge about the greener side of food, so you know you're getting your quota.


Taylor 2
"Second Company" doesn't mean second best.

Rock Your Regionals
Rev up for Regionals with tips from readers, competition directors and judges.

On Your Toes
Bigger isn't necessarily better. Find out the pros of dancing in a small ballet company.

Urban Myths?
Find out what you get when you throw mythology into the hip hop mix.

Pom & Circumstance
Show some spirit for your sisters—consider dancing for the WNBA.


Legends Lost
A look back at treasured dancers throughout history.

Our Summer Intensive Guide
Check out 300 programs for summer study.

My Summer Intensive
Two dancers share their summer study diaries.

Dance Down Under
Dive into the dance scene in Sydney, Australia.

Fitness Forum
A look at Pilates.

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