2003 Issues


Balanchine's Spell
2004 marks the centennial of George Balanchine's birth and the 50th anniversary of his version of The Nutcracker.

Tap into Cross-Training
Fine-tune your tap sounds by training in other styles.

Serious Comedy
It's not all intellectual angst—modern dance can be funny.

Playing by the Rules
Got eyes for the quarterback? If you're on a pro dance team, dating a player could cost you your job.

Fab Food Resolutions
Five New Year's nutrition goals that you can really keep.


First Lady of Hip Hop
With her original feminine style, Fatima shaped music video choreography during the hip-hop revolution.

Leading the Way
Take your team to the top by holding one of many leadership roles.

High Rising à la Seconde
Elevate your extension by learning what can hamper the height of your leg in à la seconde.

Playing with Fire
Want to learn fire spinning? Start by mastering the baton.

Turn It In
Strengthening your inward rotators can help you balance your muscle strength, and may even improve your turnout.


Backstage Pass
Go behind the scenes with choreographer Brian Friedman as he makes the moves for Aaron Carter's most recent tour.

India on the Move
Indian classical dance can expose you to ancient myth, symbolism and mysticism.

Kung-Fu Fondu
Execute exciting onscreen and onstage moments by fusing dance and martial arts.

Doctors of Spin
Tossing around the idea of mastering the baton? Top twirlers offer tips on creating a whirl.

Going Under the Needle
Acupuncture can heal injuries, increase flexibility and keep you in tip-top shape.


Body and Brains
Worried about making the decision between college and a career? Dancers with degrees are graduation to companies of all disciplines and sizes.

Shoulder Savers
Combat imbalance with easy upper body exercises.

Dance Comp 101
Ace college choreography classes with preparation, grace and know-how.

The Making of a Company
Onstage in a year—you can do it too! A month-by-month guide.

Use Your Illusion
Mime can add flare to your choreography.

July / August

Fly High
Antigravity was created out of the desire to flip, tumble and dance.

Three to Tango
Intrigued by the tango? Watch out—you may get addicted.

The Fosse Phenomenon
The timeless appeal of a jazz pioneer is at your fingertips.

You Are What You Drink
Is your favorite drink good for you? Get the lowdown on staying hydrated.

Jazz Marathon
How to survive jazz workshops offering tons of styles and what to expect every step of the way.

May / June

125 Years of Tap
With a relatively brief but rich history, the tap tradition is growing bigger, better and broader every day.

Competition Catastrophes
Oh, the mortification! Expert judges tell you how to handle seven embarrassing situations onstage.

Every Class Has a Silver Lining
Make every wrong class right with tips from professionals.

Platinum Pirouettes
Forget about pirouette anxiety—practice makes perfect.

Say Om
Yoga can strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility.


Nothing But Net
NBA's Knicks City Dancers take courtside entertainment up a notch, New York-style.

The Countdown
Nationals are just around the corner. Are you ready?

Misstep Survivors
An injury doesn't have to end your career.

Natural Instincts
What you need to know about going organic.

Dancers Got Game
Athletics and dance can coexist in your world.


Wade's World
If you haven't joined Wade J. Robson's fan club yet, you'd better sign up while there are still slots.

Leader of the Pack
Tips for dance team coaches to lead by.

Performances, Captured
Persistence is the key to landing a career in dance photography.

Dance H.S.
Four options on combining dance and your high school studies are broken down for you.

Snack Attack
How to fill your dance bag with the right nutritional treats.


Work For It
Members of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago spill the secrets of their success and why they set their sights on this company.

Get Critical
How to get the most out of hearing feedback on your choreography.

Arias and Arabesques
Performing in an opera isn't only for diva sopranos and tremendous tenors.

Singular Sensation
How to audition as a triple threat.

Decoding Your Regionals Score
Here are some tips on how to decipher your competition scoresheet and take your routine to the next level.


No More Excuses
Once the kid who would do anything to get out of ballet class, Danny Tidwell may just be the artform's next big star.

Booming Into the Big Leagues
Marketing yourself may be as important as your choreographic talent.

On the Intensive Trail
Mapping out your summer dance intensive quest

Fierce Feet
Practicing for pointe work? Even if you're not, toughening up all the way down to the tips of your toes will keep you standing strong.

Pointework Pointers
Tips on what it takes to elevate your performance to a full relevé.

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