2004 Issues


Backstage with Sascha
One of American Ballet Theatre's rising stars, Sascha Radetsky is surprisingly down-to-earth.

Balance Boost
Target your arms and abs with these stabilizing and strengthening moves.

Holiday Treat
Test your Nutcracker knowledge.

Cardio Cross-Training
Give you stamina a boost by increasing the strength of your lungs.

Managing It All
Commercial dancers need a support system, but knowing whom you need when is key.


Good to Be King
Jamie King talks candidly about choreographing for celebrities, his beginnings as a competition kid and starting his own dance convention.

Be Your Own Business
Incorporating can give freelance dancers a monetary safety net.

In the Gym
Weight training can give you balance and power without adding bulk or compromising flexibility.

Freestyle Philosophy
Cultivating a signature style, maintaining confidence and staying up on club culture can bump your freestyle moves to the next level.

Make Me Up Right
Keep stage makeup from wreaking havoc on your skin.


College Tour
Dancing toward a degree can take you all over the map. Meet four students who have found their paths to success.

Making the Most of Your Money
Knowing how to handle personal finances can help bump freelance dancers into the big leagues.

Strength of Spine
Maintaining alignment can boost your confidence onstage, help you emote during performances and even prevent osteoporosis.

To the Pointe
Get your feet ready for pointe shoes with these tips.

Simply Stunning
The choreographic power of "less is more."

July / August

Broadway's Young Stars
Six fresh Broadway faces—how they got there, what it's really like and their secrets to success.

Picture Perfect
Great headshots are the first step to landing a role on Broadway.

Beyond the Barre
Boost your technique and performance potential by studying more disciplines than just ballet.

The Music Matters
Choosing the right piece for your performance is essential.

Not the Same Old Song and Dance
Ready to take your singing out of the shower and onto center stage?

May / June

Laying Down the Iron
Tap prodigy Jason Samuels Smith pounds out his rhythm.

Keep the Money Flowing
How one job could mean getting paychecks all year.

Ballet by Balanchine
Transform your technique to meet the legendary Mr. B's standards in the studio.

Choreographing for Kids
22 tips to smooth your transition from star student to teaching assistant.

Warm Up with Gyrokinesis
The circular motion and fluidity of this form of exercise make these moves great to do before dance class.


Cleveland Rocks!
With the media spotlight focused on superstar LeBron James joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans have also discovered the NBA's hottest new dance team—the Cavalier Girls.

Onstage Disasters
Rehearsal can't prepare you for everything. Expert judges weigh in on how to handle seven catastrophes onstage.

Back in Style
Acting professionally backstage can help ensure success in front of the curtain.

Stage of the Union
Joining a union can protect your rights as a performer, from ensuring a minimum wage to determining how high the heels on your character shoes can be.

Pull Up a Chair
How to successfully incorporate a piece of commonplace furniture into your choreography.


The Fungus Among Us
Pilobolus Dance Theatre bursts across stages with as much dynamic, quirky energy as the fungus that is its namesake.

The Spice of Life
Salsa is a Latin dance form full of pulsating rhythms and sultry movevments.

Tax Technique
For new professionals, figuring out income taxes can be tricky. Understanding the basics is the first step to an easy April 15.

Snack Smart
Junk food cravings can strike at any time. Here's how to combat the temptation.

Not Just Another Job
Take the career character quiz and find where dance can take you.


Best Served Hot
Meet Dave Scott, the choreographer behind all the hip-hop hoopla over the new movie You Got Served.

Dancing at Disney
Insider tips and secrets on auditioning for Walt Disney World.

Statuesque Arabesque
Take your arabesque from so-so to stunning with these basic principles.

Making the Team of Your Dreams
How to ace your dance team audition.

Agent Secrets
What you need to know about keeping your agent.


Acting from Experience
An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Neve Campbell's new ballet movie, The Company.

Savvy Summer
Networking—especially during the summer—can help boost your dance career.

Fosse Footnotes
It takes more than a black bowler hat to dance like Fosse. Here are pointers from the pros.

Wanted: An Agent
Landing an agent takes persistence, diligence and attention to detail.

Diet Diary
Jotting down what you eat can help forecast your energy highs and lows.

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