2005 Issues


Pacific Brim
Two dancers who found success at Pacific Northwest Ballet and how the new artistic director is leading the way.

The Truth About Fad Diets
Why dancers shouldn't cut calories.

A Whole New World
DS traveled with 51 American dancers to China for the 8th annual Beijing International Cultural Tourism Festival.

To the Top
A modern dance company's journey to perform at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The Producers: Take Three
The 1968 film turned 2001 Broadway hit returns to the big screen this Holiday season.


Life in the Fast Lane
The professional paths of three L.A.-Based dancers in Rent.

Problem: Missed Periods
An irregular menstrual cycle could mean you have amenorrhea, a condition that can make you more susceptible to stress fractures.

The Littlest Breaker
This tiny B-girl is big on talent.

Stagework in L.A.
The cast of the El Capitan Theatre's Herbie: Fully Loaded gives the real deal on what it's like to work for the mouse house.

Yule Ball in the Great Hall
The Harry Potter cast takes a recess from Potions class for Dance 101.


When Marty Met Shanna
DS sits down with power couple Marty Lawson and Shanna VanDerwerker, who met at a competition and recently made their debuts.

Choreography's Cardinal Sin
The first choreography commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's moves.

Returning to their Roots
The making of Giordano Moves, a contemporary tribute to the Chicago dance master.

Do's and Don'ts
DS went behind the judges' table to find out what matters most at competition.

Vitamin Vitae
Overwhelmed by all the choices in the supplement aisle? DS breaks down your options.


Ballroom Blitz
DS takes a look at Brigham Young University's world-traveled ballroom dancers.

Feet First
10 do-it-yourself ways to keep feet in tip-top shape.

Rize Above
Behind the scenes with South Central's krumpers and clowns, portrayed in David LaChapelle's hit documentary, Rize.

Inside the Big J
What it's really like to study dance at Juilliard.

The Text Trend
How to infuse vocals into your dance routine.

July / August

New York Stories
Three dancers who left their hometowns to make it in NYC tell the secrets to their success.

Broadway Bound
Whether you'll be in the audience or preparing for an open audition, here's the latest on Broadway's current roster of shows.

Male Matters
Our 18-year-old author dishes on being one of a few male dancers at his school.

Eating on the Go
How to properly feed your body on a hectic schedule.

Quick Change Artist
From music videos to musical theater, NYC-based dancer Afra Hines models jazz costumes as versatile as her background.

May / June

20 hot hoofers 20 and under sound off on their blossoming careers.

Tapping Around the World
Five companies impacting the international tap scene.

High School Dance Teacher
An Illinois dancer gives a lesson on life in the classroom.

Beverage Blueprint
Choice drinks for ultimate performance.

After the Dance
Kristina Thames puts her emotions onscreen in the Indie film Unsuitable.


Luck Be a Ladybird
The University of Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team gears up for what it hopes will be a fourth consecutive win at NDA.

Keeping the Flame Alive
Morale-building ideas to help you stay motivated throughout the dance season.

For a Good Cause
Use your talent to fundraise for charity.

Tour de Force
Touring with a competition and convention company could be the toughest unpaid job you'll ever love.

The Painful Truth
How to decide—if injured—when watching class is more productive than participating.


The Apprentices
New York City Ballet apprentices talk about getting the gig and adjusting to life as pros.

Pushing Flexibility
How far is too far?

Dating the Competition
Is it worth the drama when your flame dances at a rival studio?

The Name Game
How to decode jazz class names and levels at tow of NYC's major studios.

Eye to Eye
Keeping eye contact with your partner can transform a routine.


The Women of North Carolina
Alban Elved Dance Company incorporates water,ropes and webs into its choreography.

X-treme Dance Part 2
Roller skates, jump ropes and stilts are making a mark on concert dance.

Commissioned Choreography
From celeb dancemakers to former students, hiring choreographers outside your studio can reinvigorate comp routines.

Tune Up
Make the most of the 16 bars you're required to sing at a musical theater audition.

Routine Rituals
Traditions create bonding and increase spirit among team members.


X-treme Dance
Hooping, aerial and fire are propelling dance to new heights.

Creative Freedom
Two choreographers who have found success in dance making.

The Skinny on Fats
Not all fats are scary. Know which to avoid and which to savor.

Picture Perfect
Get an arabesque audition shot that will impress even the toughest panel of judges.

Summer Study Diaries
Real dancers tell you what to expect at four prominent summer study programs.

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