2007 Issues


Go Big or Go Home
With spunk, dedication and a whole lotta heart, Chicago tapper Lee Howard is poised to make his mark.

Coming Down Easy
Dealing with post-performance depression.

History, Herstory, Our Story
Tap is America's unique contribution to dance. Learn how the traditions of the past have influenced tap's innovative present.

Giving Back
Dancers making a difference.

Giving Comps Credit
Boston Ballet Soloist Melissa Hough tells DS how the competition circuit prepared her for life in a ballet company.


Jersey Girl
Michelle "Jersey" Maniscalco adds a distinct East Coast flavor to the West Coast dance scene.

The Real Deal
How reality dance shows have changed our world.

Give Me a Break
How to beat burnout.

Secret Agent
What an agent can do for you.

Prop Proficiency
Tips for incorporating props into your lyrical routine.


2007 Cover Model Search
Congratulations, Maci Cameron!

The Smarter Student
What you need to know to jump into an open or master class.

Going Gaga
Exploring Ohad Naharin's groundbreaking training technique.

Tricks of the Trade
Get the judges' view—Do you really need those flashy jumps and spins to succeed and competitions?

The mysterious dance of gypsies.


Free to be Me
Rasta Thomas—all grown up.

Sweet Dreams
A good night's sleep is more important than you think.

Serve Up the Salsa
How to incorporate this delicious dance style into your choreography.

Rhythm Revolution
Today's tappers use more than their feet. Learn how to incorporate your entire body into your tapping.

Friends in High Places
Keeping in contact with the right people after college can benefit your career.

July / August

Broadway Babies
12 young musical theater performers you should know.

An Ice Pack a Day
Preventing and coping with injuries at summer intensives.

Strong and Silent
The art of dancing quietly en pointe.

Making the Team
What you need to know to get a spot on a professional dance team.

I Can Do That!
What extra skills do you need to make it to Broadway?

May / June

Pieces of Misha
After blazing trails on the competition circuit, this driven young dancer is set to take Hollywood by storm.

Will Work for Relaxation
Done properly, cross training can actually help your body recover from the rigors of dancing.

The Salty Truth
Sifting fact from fiction. What you need to know about salt.

Partner Prep
Getting ready for your first partnering class.

Controlled Chaos
How to look out of control without actually falling apart.


Contemporary Revolution
Contemporary and lyrical are infiltrating the dance team ranks—and challenging notions of what it means to be on a dance team.

Mind Your Nerves
Psych yourself up—not out.

The Art of Battling
Urban dance as ritual warfare.

Choreographic Collaboration
Tips on working with costume, lighting and set designers.

Eaters' Digest
The skinny on metabolism.


The Mighty Quinn
An American Girl takes on life in the corps at Germany's Staatsballett Berlin.

Mean Girls
How to deal when fellow dancers get cruel.

Making The Cut
A guide to auditioning for ballet companies.

Back Talk
The benefits—and limitations—of chiropractic care.

Song and Dance
The ins and outs of dancing in the opera.


Texas Titans
Find out what makes Dallas Black Dance Theatre tick.

Economy of Movement
Learn how to maximize technique with minimal energy.

Beating the Blues
The emotional side effects of an injury can be just as painful as the injury itself. Here's how to deal.

Building Bonds
6 tips to help you develop a great onstage partnership.

Travis Talks Turns
The scoop on spinning from "So You Think You Can Dance" superstar Travis Wall.


Dancers Without Borders
On tour with Washington, D.C.'s Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co.

Competing with Momzillla
Dealing with your stage mom.

Understanding Knee Trauma
Acute knee injuries don't have to mean the end of your dancing days.

Audition Central
Answers to audition questions you've always wondered about.

Tour de Force
Take your tour jetés to new heights.

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