2008 Issues


Breaking All the Rules
Dominique Kelley proves tappers are here to stay.

Best of 2008
Oohs and ahhs from 2008.

Second to One
How to deal with double casting.

What's On Their iPods?
The songs that keep your favorite dance celebs pumped.

Get A Job
Nab an assistant teacher gig.


Kickin' It With Kaycee
All about High School Musical's dancing queen Kaycee Stroh.

Caps Off for High School Musical
The Wildcats say their last good-bye.

Commercial dancer Sandra Colton gives you a glimpse at her life in L.A.

Becoming Billy
Your favorite ballet boy comes to Broadway.

Dancing to the Polls
Why voting matters.


It's Amanda!
Find out what the Cover Model Search winner has been up to!

Ballet Breaks
Five ballet dancers share the moments that catapulted them to stardom.

The New Wade Robson Project
Wade Robson takes on Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

Over Here!
Nine ways to stand out in a crowd.

A New Day
Meet four dancers who made the transition from comp kid to professional dancer.


Petite Powerhouse
Meet Giordano II's Natalie Tursi.

Where It's At
The state of jazz.

High & Mighty
Study drugs are making their way onto college campuses.

You Didn't Get In...Now What?
How to deal when you aren't accepted into the dance department.

Money Hungry
Jobs for poor college dancers.

July / August

A New York State of Mind
Everything you need to know about dancing (and surviving) in NYC.

Man On A Mission
Spencer Liff is taking Broadway by storm.

A Career Hits the Heights
Afra Hines lights up Broadway's In the Heights.

America's Next Top Dance Spirit Cover Model
Meet Amanda, Lee and Madison—our three amazing finalists!

Green With Envy
Dealing with jealousy.

May / June

A League of His Own
Tucker Barkley is storming L.A. with his loose limbs and wild dancing.

All Abroad!
Score an out-of-the-country gig.

Nightmare at Nationals
Anything can happen! Here's how to deal with disaster.

"SYTYCD" Stars Speak
DS gets words of wisdom from a few of our favorite reality-show dancers.

My Changing Body
Nine ways to love the woman you're becoming.


Face Off
Why can't dance teams and dance departments get along?

Boston Team Party
Meet the NBA's newest dance team.

The Rules of Going Pro
Dancing for a pro team is full of glitz and glamour—until you break the rules.

Dancing for Disney
Everything you wanted to know about performing alongside Mickey Mouse.

Green Movement
Dancers, festivals, celebrities—everyone's going Green! Find out how you can, too.


Ballet Beauty
Meet 15-year-old Lilit Hogtanian.

The Next Generation
Keep your eyes peeled for these nine up-and-comers.

Their Favorite Things
Corps dancers on the ballets they love to perform.

Going For Gold
How to make the most of ballet competitions.

Stage Face
Are your faces helping or hindering your performance?


Ailey Power
Meet three of Ailey II's newest stars.

Modern Moves
Eight modern choreographers talk process.

Telling Tip-Offs
Pointers to keep you in the running at auditions.

Lawrence Rhodes talks about getting into Juilliard.

A Dream Come True at The Pillow
Five New Orleans teens bounce back from Hurricane Katrina at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.


The Morgan Mystique
What makes New York City Ballet's Kathryn Morgan so special.

A Feast of Festivals
What to expect at a summer dance festival—plus info on five of the big ones.

Dancing for the Stars
Backup dancers on touring with your favorite celebs.

You Should Know
Teddy Forance

American Ballet Theatre corps member Matthew Murphy on dealing with illness.

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