Dance Spirit Future Star 2015 Part 1

Dance Spirit is thrilled to announce the first round of its 2015 Future Star winners! Each year, DS partners with competitions to single out dancers whose presence, talent and technique are through the roof. More winners will be featured in our January issue, so stay tuned.

Bella Tenaglia

Age 18, Studio Bleu Dance Center, Ashburn, VA

Starpower Talent Competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

(Photo by Chris Stark, courtesy Bella Tenaglia)

Julia Pasquale

Age 12,

Liza Indiciani Studio of Dance, Beverly, MA

American Dance Awards, Hollywood, FL

Jenna Pastore

Age 18

JDC Dance Center, Ballston Spa, NY

Turn It Up Dance Challenge, Ocean City, MD

Jonathan Wade

Age 16

Dance Unlimited, Miami, FL

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Las Vegas, NV

Madeleine Cabrera

Age 18

Revolution Dance Center, Montrose, CA

Encore Performing Arts Showcase, Las Vegas, NV

Frantz Augustin

Age 18

Strictly Rhythm Dance, Alexandria, VA

Power Pak, Ocean City, MD

(Photo by Norman E. Jones Photography, courtesy Carrie Augustin)

Jessica Hart

Age 18

White Bear Dance Center, White Bear Lake, MN

Celebration Talent Competition, Wisconsin Dells, WI

(Photo by Lockwood Media Group, courtesy Jenny Landry)

Layla Giardina

Age 10

All That Jazz Dance Academy, Castalia, OH

Energy National Dance Competition, Sandusky, OH

(Photo by Kandis Vega, courtesy Trisha Giardina)

Madison Flitcraft

Age 9

Dance Expressions, Pennsville, NJ

Backstage Performing Arts, Hershey Park, PA

(Photo by William Menzel, courtesy Backstage Performing Arts)

Camryn Mandelbaum

Age 15

Expressenz Dance Center, Indianapolis, IN

Starpower Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

(Universal Event Photography, courtesy Stacy Mandelbaum)

Joseph Murphy

Age 11

Nancy Chippendale’s Dance Studio, North Andover, MA

Starpower Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

(Photo by Ming Chen Lee, courtesy Kelli Carberry)

Nya Ricks

Age 8

Center Stage Dance Studio,Cheektowaga, NY

Starpower Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

(Photo by Amanda Bernhardt, courtesy Lindsay Wertman)

Natasha Camacho

Age 13

Dancers Burlington, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Starpower Talent Competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

(Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Dancers Burlington)

Emily Roberson

Age 17

Jane Mannion School of Dance, Highland, IL

Spotlight Dance Cup, Branson, MO

(Photo courtesy Jules Bailey)

Austin Kelly

Age 17

Jody Phillips Dance Company, Overland Park, KS

StageOne Productions, Branson, MO

(Bob Compton Photography, courtesy Jody Phillips)

Emily McFarland

Age 16

Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy, Haverhill, MA

Spirit of Dance Awards, Hyannis, MA

(Photo by 4 Star Productions, courtesy Spirit of Dance Awards)

Elidia O’Hara

Age 17

Kings Park Dance Center, Kings Park, NY

Turn It Up Dance Challenge, Long Branch, NJ

(Photo by 4 Star Productions, courtesy Turn It Up Dance Challenge)

Shawn Scott

Age 17

Movement Dance Academy, Oceanport, NJ

Groove National Dance Competition, Ocean City, MD

(Photo courtesy Shawn Scott)

Isabella Tronolone

Age 17

Fusion Dance Studio, Buffalo, NY

Starbound National Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

(Photo by Team Creative, courtesy Kelli Wagner)

Epiphany Hardin

Age 18

Rhythm Dance Studio, Matthews, NC

Encore Dance Competition for the Stars, Savannah, GA

(Photo by Exulting Images, courtesy Epiphany Hardin)

Matthew Sommers

Age 15

Debbie’s Dance Company, Jacksonville, FL

Celebration Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

(Photo by Lockwood Media Group, courtesy Amy Sommers)

Kendra Lippert

Age 16

Rhythm Dance Company, Westborough, MA

Turn It Up Dance Challenge, Cape Cod, MA

(Photo by 4 Star Productions, courtesy Turn It Up Dance Challenge)

Katie Kulasa

Age 18

Ultimate Dance Complex, McMurray, PA

Extreme Talent Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA

(Photo by M&M Photography, courtesy Extreme Talent Showcase)

Jamie Kleinschnitz

Age 17

Fusion Dance Force, Holbrook, NY

Groove National Dance Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

(Photo by Kyle Preiser, courtesy Roxanne Kleinschnitz)

Dylan Peyton

Age 16

Dance Athletics Competitive Edge, Plymouth, MI

Revolution Talent Competition, Chicago, IL

(Photo by VIP Dance Competition, courtesy Leisa Peyton)

Reagan Ellis

Age 18

Foot Works Performing Arts Center, Benbrook, TX

Stage One Productions, Arlington, TX

(Photo courtesy Reagan Ellis)

Annelise Ritacca

Age 17

Juliana’s Academy of Dance, Madison Heights, MI

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Traverse City, MI

(Photo courtesy Chris Ritacca)

Jillian Catalanotti

Age 18

That’s Dancin’, Middle Village, NY

Starpower Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

(Photo by Mike D'Abbraccio, courtesy Lisa Catalanotti)

Kami Fleming

Age 15

Emerge Dance Academy, Cincinnati, OH

StageOne Productions, Gatlinburg, TN

(Photo by Take 2 Video Production, courtesy Alex Herrmann)

Rachale Mullally

Age 17

Class Act Dance, Gansevoort, NY

Encore Dance Competition for the Stars, Hershey, PA

(Photo by Exulting Images, courtesy Kelly Mullally)

Ian J. Sanford

Age 16

C & C Dance Company, Bowie, MD

Open Call Competition, Woodbridge, VA

(Photo by Platoon, courtesy Open Call Competition)

Rakeem Hardy

Age 17

Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Orlando, FL

(Photo by Natalie Tarnoweckyj, courtesy Michelle Tarnoweckyj)

Aspen Nell

Age 13

Above the Barre Dance Academy, Olathe, KS

StageOne Productions, Branson, MO

(Photo courtesy Amy Nell)

Samantha McPherson

Age 17

Rolann’s School of the Dance, Longwood, FL

Headliners Dance Championships, Sandusky, OH

(Photo by Silvie Damskey, courtesy Headliners Competition)

Taylor Floyd

Age 15

Star Dance Center, Newhall City, CA

Starbound National Talent Competition, Buena Park, CA

(Photo by Starbound, courtesy Judy Floyd)

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