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Meet Round 1 of This Year's Future Star Award Winners

Future Star winner Kaitlyn Chapa (photo by Rainbow Dance Media Center, courtesy Jennifer Chapa)

Dance Spirit is beyond excited to announce the first round of 2017 Future Star winners! Every year, DS partners with competitions to recognize dancers with exceptional presence and ability. The second round of winners will be featured in our January issue, so stay tuned!

Corbin LaPlant

Photo by Silvie Damskey, courtesy Headlines Dance

Age 13

Hackworth School of Performing Arts, Easthampton, MA

Headliners, Mashantucket, CT

Sydney Stephenson

Photo by CR Photography, courtesy Sydney Stephenson

Age 18

Allie Cawthorne Dance Company, Boca Raton, FL

Celebration Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

Taylor Bolger

Photo by Michael Baciu, courtesy Nicole Bolger

Age 16

Retter's Academy of Dance, Agoura Hills, CA

LA Dance Magic, Orange County, CA

Iralyn Hicko

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Starpower

Age 7

Prestige Arts Company, Merrillville, IN

Starpower International Talent Competition, Las Vegas, NV

Ramone Thomas

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Starpower

Age 16

We're Dancin, Matthews, NC

Starpower International Talent Competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

Jilian Ohler

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Jill Ohler

Age 16

Relevé Dance Studio, Phoenixville, PA

Power Pak Dance Tour, Sandusky, OH

Kirstyn Leschber

Photo by Nicett Rodriguez/Star Action Shots, courtesy Streetz

Age 14

Chrissy's Dance Academy, Helotes, TX

Streetz Dance Convention and Competition, San Antonio, TX

Ava Baez

Photo by Take 2 Productions, courtesy Rachel Baez

Age 12

A & G Dance Academy, St. Petersburg, FL

Stage One National Dance Competitions, Gatlinburg, TN

Amanda Kelly

Courtesy Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

Age 18

Adagio Dance Company, Rochester Hills, MI

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Traverse City, MI

Dara Brown

Photo by Evolve Photo & Video, courtesy Darsi Brown

Age 17

Laura's Dance Dynamics, Hurst, TX

Encore Performing Arts, Dallas, TX

Payton McGuire

Photo by 914 Studios, courtesy George McGuire

Age 10

Keegan Dance Company, Titusville, FL

Starpower International Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

Alia Wiggins

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Starpower

Age 15

Studio Bleu Dance Center, Ashburn, VA

Power Pak Dance Tour, Ocean City, MD

Miranda Deacon

Photo by Chris Reilly, courtesy Miranda Deacon

Age 13

Revolution Dance Studio, Shorewood, IL

Power of Dance, Chicago, IL

Phoenix Sutch

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Diana Whetstone

Age 10

Krystie's Dance Academy, Warren, OH

Starpower International Talent Competition, Ocean City, MD

Landon Vacca

Photo by Flash Focus Photography, courtesy Missy Vacca

Age 11

Y Academy of Dance, Pittsburg, KS

Stage One National Dance Competitions, Branson, MO

Delaney Diaz

Photo by Gary Antle, courtesy Michele Diaz

Age 11

Stagelite Centre of Performing Arts, Pequannock, NJ

Starpower International Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

TJ Singer

Photo by Dance Pixs, Courtesy Tj Singer

Age 14

Amyclae Dance Academy, Stafford, VA

Tremaine Dance, Orlando, FL

MJ Stricker

Photo by A Cut Above, courtesy Vicky Stricker

Age 16

Lucille Rapp Dance Studio, Kirkwood, MO

Celebration Talent, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Marilé Marzo

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Ann Marzo

Age 16

New England Dance and Gymnastics Center, Westfield, MA

Starpower International Talent Competition, Uncasville, CT

Kailyn Kreth

Courtesy Dancemakers

Age 15

American Dance Co., Spring Branch, TX

Starbound National Talent Competition, San Antonio, TX

Alyssa Park

Photo by Take Creative, courtesy Alyssa Park

Age 18

Platinum Dance Center, Monroe, WA

Revolution Talent Competition, Long Beach, CA

Kaitlyn Chapa

Photo by Rainbow Dance Media. courtesy Jennifer Chapa

Age 12

Dance Unlimited, Buda, TX

Stage One National Dance Competitions, Arlington, TX

Arianna Davis

Photo by Saya Hishikawa, courtesy Groove

Age 18

The Dance Refinery, Indianapolis, IN

Groove Dance Competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

Hannah Morrison

Photo by JamesJin, courtesy Hannah Morrison

Age 18

Dance Arts Centre, Suwanee, GA

Believe National Dance Competition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Cydney Heard

Courtesy The Dance Awards

Age 11

Dance Branson School of the Arts, Branson, MO

DanceMakers Convention & Competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

Matthew Sloop

Photo by Karen Goforth/Irresistable Portraits, courtesy Sandy Overcash

Age 17

Center Stage Dance Company, China Grove, NC

Encore Dance Competition for the Stars, Charleston, SC

Julia Scoleri

Photo by Andrew Holtz, courtesy Ann Scoleri

Age 18

Long Island Dance Xtreme, Hauppauge, NY

Starbound National Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

Ridge McGinley

Photo by Alisha Stoutenberg, courtesy Jill McGinley

Age 18

Becky Nalevanko's Dance and Tumbling Studio, Pleasant Hill, IA

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Orlando, FL

Summer Locke

Photo by Platoon Photography, courtesy Keri Locke

Age 14

NYC Dance, Ocoee, FL

Starpower International Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

Rachael Hayes

Photo by Take 2 Photography, courtesy Rachael Hayes

Age 18

Special Touch Talent Dance, Kettering, OH

Stage One National Dance Competitions, Gatlinburg, TN

Grace Cannady

Photo by Andrew Holtx, courtesy Starbound

Age 15

All Stars Dance Center, Westfield, MA

Starbound National Talent Competition, Foxwoods, CT

Andrew Petrone

Photo by Linda Demarco Gilberti, courtesy Lawrence Petrone

Age 15

Prestige Dance Academy, Flemington, NJ

Imagine National Dance Challenge, Hershey, PA

Rachel Stahl

Photo by Jared Vollman, courtesy Groove

Age 17

Barbara Hatch School of Dance, Farmington Hills, MI

Groove Dance Competition, Ocean City, MD

Emily Mairella

Photo by True Talent Photographers, courtesy Wendy Mairella

Age 13

East Coast Dance Company, Sea Girt, NJ

True Talent Dance Competition, Lake Harmony, PA

Kyle Kappelmann

Photo by Stage One Productions, courtesy Dawn Kappelmann

Age 17

Miller Marley School of Dance & Voice, Overland Park, KS

Stage One National Dance Competitions, Branson, MO

Megan Klein

Photo by Universal Event Photography, courtesy Michelle Klein

Age 18

Extravadance Tumble & Performing Arts Center, Kernersville, NC

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Virginia Beach, VA

Kelli Quiles

Photo by Andrew Holtz, courtesy Starbound

Age 18

Turning Pointe — A Dance Studio, Longwood, FL

Starbound National Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

Fisher Potokar

Photo by Andrew Holtz, courtesy Starbound

Age 11

Inspire Dance Studio, Clearfield, UT

Starbound National Talent Competition, Lake Tahoe, NV

Alex Woznyk

Photo by Star Systems/Platoon, courtesy Lori Woznyk

Age 11

Triple Threat Dance Company, Wolcott, CT

Starpower International Talent Competition, Uncasville, CT

A version of this story appeared in the December 2017 issue of Dance Spirit with the title "Dance Spirit Future Star 2017: Round 1."

Photo by Joe Toreno

The coolest place she's ever performed:

I'd have to say the Super Bowl. The field was so cool, and Katy Perry was right there. And there were so many eyes—definitely the most eyes I've ever performed for!

Something she's constantly working on:

My feet. I'm flat-footed, so I'm always hearing, 'Point your toes!' And I'm like, 'I am!'

Signature look:

My hair! That, and a pair of leggings with a T-shirt or tank top.

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