Are These Justin Timberlake’s Best Dance Moves Ever?

Justin Timberlake’s new album comes out next week, which means pretty much the entire world is in a JT frenzy right now. Naturally, he hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend—for the fifth time!—where he showed off the full extent of his crazy triple threatness. But leave it to Buzzfeed to come up with a gif collection that shows off the side of Justin we know and love best: his dancing. (Duh.)

Even the best dancers can be made to look totally ridiculous in 3-second clips, and JT is no exception. Buzzfeed rounded up 32 of Timberlake’s most awesomely awkward moments. Here are a few of our favorites. (Anybody else hoping that he might re-create these on Jimmy Fallon sometime, à la Michelle Obama?)
The “Tighty Whitey Shirt Shake”:
Justin Timberlake - Tighty Whitey Shirt Shake
The “Pow Pow Shimmy”:
Justin Timberlake - Pow Pow Shimmy
The “*NSYNC Body Roll”
[did I do this in a ballet summer program talent show? maybe.]:
Justin Timberlake - *NSYNC Body Roll
The “Don’t-Look-Now-But-Madonna-Is-Behind-You” Twist:
Justin Timberlake - Don't-Look-Now-But-Madonna-Is-Behind-You
And the “Timberlake Tornado”:
Justin Timberlake Tornado

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