At Age 6, B-Girl Terra Is Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

We introduced you to tiny B-Girl Terra a few months ago, when she was facing off with dancers twice her size (literally) at the Chelles Battles Pro in Paris.

Now the 6-year-old prodigy is the star of a new video, set to the sneakily catchy song “Jungle” by Platoon. And it is officially our new favorite thing.

What makes this baby b-girl so fantastic? It’s not just about the tricks—although, yes, she does some ridiculous head-spinning in this video. Her most extraordinary moments, though, happen during the in-between stuff. Even fully-grown dancers often have trouble keeping things going as they prepare for their next stunt. B-Girl Terra, on the other hand, looks completely natural. There’s nothing stagey or self-conscious about any of it—it’s just the way dancing happens to come out of this amazing little girl’s body.

In other words, you can’t teach this. (And you can’t touch this. Hammer time.)

Happy Monday!

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Margaret Fuhrer is Dance Spirit's editor in chief.
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