Ballet Blast from the Past

Sometimes Facebook is a magical place. Just this morning, I found a real gem in my newsfeed: an image from a November 2001 Vogue profile of two up-and-coming New York City Ballet dancers, Ashley Bouder and Carla Körbes. Vogue did a good job talent-scouting, because today, of course, Bouder’s a principal at NYCB and Körbes is a principal at Pacific Northwest Ballet.

I can’t get over this photo. Just look at them! So adorably baby-faced!

I’ve always been a sucker for “before they were stars” snapshots—which is one of the reasons I love editing our “Letter to My Teenage Self” column. If you need procrastination fuel this fine Thursday morning, check out some of my favorite “LTS” tiny dancer images: baby Christopher Wheeldon, baby Clifton Brown, baby Stacey Tookey and baby Chloé Arnold (with Gregory Hines!). Cuteness abounds.

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